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Crest Ultrasonic Parts Washers

Crest Powersonic™ Tabletops clean even the smallest spaces that are inaccessible to normal cleaning tools for use in almost all industries:

  • Medical/dental/optical (instruments and components)
  • Laboratory (mixing, cell disruption, homogenization)
  • Veterinary (instrumentation)
  • Automotive/marine (carburetor/bearing parts, injectors)
  • Electronics (solder and flux residues on circuit boards and assemblies)
  • Air and filter technology (electrostatic air filters, oil filters, respirator masks, air conditioner parts, valves)
  • Mechanical engineering (machinery parts, valves, assemblies)
  • Food and beverage (valves, injectors and extrusion dies)
  • Body shops (nozzle and coating holders, parts and tools)
  • Weapons (maintenance and reconditioning)
  • Jewelry

For over 30 years, Crest Ultrasonics Corp. has been a leader in the precision ultrasonic cleaning industry.

Crest Ultrasonics’ patented ceramically enhanced transducers provide greater cleaning power and reliability, when compared to conventional wafer-type transducers — and we have transferred that high performance technology to our PowersonicTM line of benchtop ultrasonic cleaners.

Our Powersonic™ Tabletops efficiently remove: Fats, Paints, Surface Rust, Lime, Oils, Adhesives, Polish residues, Dust, Flux, chemical residues, and much more


7 standard sizes, 2 different configurations, available for immediate delivery

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